Lubuski 7 years




The 7 Years Lubuski Gin version is the original Lubuski Gin aged for whole 7 years in two kind of wood: oak and chestnut. This new approach resulted in a very harmonious taste. The very fragrant and herbal original gin taste is smoothened thanks to contact with wood. It still retains dominant juniper flavour and complex palate, but is gentler while drinking straight.

It is dedicated to whiskey and aged rum lovers as the appropriate way to consume it is pure with little ice.

Nose: the aroma is pleasent and delicate, more spicy notes than original Lubuski, juniper and liquorice come at the front. The citrus flavors are less noticable. We can also notice cinnamon not in the background and characteristic bison grass

Palete: smooth and mellow like the original statement. Peppery and juniper notes, bitter citrus oils, toast and bread malt. Mixture of different herbal and roots lingering in the background

Finish: short and smooth, alcohol nicely balanced and covered with aging

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700 ml

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