In 2011, Bogdan Piasecki, along with company’s process engineer Janusz Luty decided to remind consumers, not only in Poland, about the product with at least five hundred year old tradition, called in Latin – aqua vitae, the water of life. As a result of their work, appeared a very unique product on a world scale – initially as ideas and then in reality: Okowita Miodowa Warmińska (Mel Aqua Vitae).

Aqua Vitea – origins 
The term Aqua Vitae was in wide use during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance and it’s a generic name for all types of distillates. The etymology of this word also appears in different European countries for locally produced spirits like:
• Eau de vie in France
• Acquavite in Italy
• Akvavit in Scandinavia
• Okowita in Poland
• Оковита in Russian and Ukraine


Ingredient, The Honey
The team in Piasecki Distillery decided to refresh this historic beverage in a new modern approach. The main inspiration for this innovative approach was the new wave of enthusiast looking for unique tasting experience in distillates. The main and only ingredient of the aqua vitae become natural honey.
What could be better base of such spirit than honey, an ancient food for gods, created by hordes of hard working bees? Moreover, a product culturally connected to Poland and even more in Piasecki family.
Only heather honey from the beginning of the season is used for the manufacturing process. Honey from such a period has freshest aroma and most harmonized taste profile. Additionally, the production of the Okowita take place in specially designed by the owner, distillation apparatus.
Decades of experience with honey by Piasecki Company enable to create this exceptional spirit that keep reminding us why it was once called “liquid gold”


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700 ml

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