Short Drinks

  • 那年的風


    那年的風 COCKTAIL 調酒 盧布斯基琴酒 七年infuse毛峰綠45ml 芒果青約30克 小米酒30ml 檸檬汁20ml 蜂蜜20ml Garnish: Dry flowers Method: Muddle, shake & strain Glass: Goblet Bartender: 賴韋仁…

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  • Fickle Millennial

    Fickle Millennial

    Fickle Millennial COCKTAIL 調酒 20 ml Melonade 25 ml Quinoa Gin 5 ml Almonds liqueur 25 ml Soy Cream 25 ml…

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  • Summer Sass

    Summer Sass

    Summer Sass COCKTAIL 調酒 25 ml Vanilla Vodka 20 ml Melonade 25 ml Soda Top up with Dry Cider Garnish: Pandan…

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  • Sawayaka


    Sawayaka COCKTAIL 調酒 45 ml Toki Whiskey 15 ml Melonade Top up with Cucumber and watermelon soda Garnish: lemon wheel Method: build…

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  • A little more thyme

    A little more thyme

    A little more thyme COCKTAIL 調酒 35 ml Melonade 25 ml Lemon juice 20 ml Elderflower Liqueur 100 ml Soda Top…

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  • Margarita


    Margarita COCKTAIL 調酒 30 ml Honey Cazcabel 20 ml Melonade 30 ml Lime juice 5 ml Agave   Garnish: Lime slice…

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  • La Melonita

    La Melonita

    La Melonita COCKTAIL 調酒 15 ml Melonade 40 ml Silver Tequila 15 ml Lime juice 10 ml Agave Top up with…

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  • Sweet Summertime Love

    Sweet Summertime Love

    Sweet Summertime Love COCKTAIL 調酒 25 ml Melonade 25 ml Lubuski Gold Gin 15 ml Pear & Honey Shrub 10 ml…

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  • Tinker Bell

    Tinker Bell

    Tinker Bell COCKTAIL 調酒 10 ml Melonade 30 ml Vodka 15 ml Drapo Rose Vermouth Topped with Champagne/Prosecco Lemon zest  …

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  • French Sangria

    French Sangria

    French Sangria COCKTAIL 調酒 10 ml Melonade 15 ml Red Wine 40 ml Soda Fresh Orange, Lemon, Apple   Garnish: Method: Stirr…

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  • River Cottage Cosmo

    River Cottage Cosmo

    River Cottage Cosmo COCKTAIL 調酒 30 ml Melonade 45 ml Baczewski Potato Vodka 15 ml Warminski Mead 15 ml Cranberry Sherbert…

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  • Melo Tonic

    Melo Tonic

    Melo Tonic COCKTAIL 調酒 85 ml Mediterranean Fever Tree 30 ml Melonade 30 ml Dry Gin 15 ml Soda 10…

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  • MeD’Spritz


    MeD’Spritz COCKTAIL 調酒 80 ml Mediterranean Fever Tree 25 ml Melonade 20 ml Prosecco   Garnish: Grapefruit slice Method: Build Glass: Collins…

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  • Coco Cavaillon

    Coco Cavaillon

    Coco Cavaillon COCKTAIL 調酒 30 ml Melonade 15 ml Spiced rum 15 ml Coco liqueur 20 ml Lime juice Top up…

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  • Melonhaze


    Melonhaze COCKTAIL 調酒 40 ml Melonade 10 ml Cointreau 10 ml Frangelico 10 ml Lime juice 5 ml Cucumber sherbet 100…

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  • My dear melon

    My dear melon

    My dear melon COCKTAIL 調酒 20 ml Lubuski Gold Gin 20 ml Melonade 30 ml Skinos 30 ml melon puree Garnish:…

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  • Melonade Punch

    Melonade Punch

    Melonade Punch COCKTAIL 調酒 65 ml Earl grey 20 ml Melonade 1 pinch of cinnamon Mint leaves   Garnish: orange, lemon…

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  • French Fancy

    French Fancy

    French Fancy COCKTAIL 調酒 20 ml Melonade 10 ml Pastise 50 ml Prosecco Sugar Garnish: mint Method: Shake Glass: Tumbler Bartender: Little bat…

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