Mead Grunwaldzki

Dwójniak Grunwaldzki - natural mead- not boiled

The meads produced by Mazurskie Miody are insatiated which means that they are not subjected to thermal treatment (not boiled) during the manufacturing process. It allows to retain all the nutritional values of bee honeys used in their production.

The extract of selected herbs and spices as well as oak bark give Dwójniak Grunwaldzki a dark color, distinctive spicy character and refined taste. The precise recipe of our unboiled meads and honey liqueurs is a producer’s secret.

Dwójniak Grunwaldzki is produced according to the traditional Polish recipe: for one volume of honey falls a volume of water.

Alcohol content 16% vol.

Best served: Pure with ice

Some of roots and spices: Ginger, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Juniper, Clove, Vanilla.

Honey’s used for Mead production: Heather, Honey Dew, Acacia, Linden, and Buckwheat.

Appearance: amber, oily texture
Nose: rosemary, grapes, woody, raisins
Palete: honey, fruity, full bodied
Finish: honey, smooth