TCRC EVENT 08.11.2016

Bring the Rocks this time made something special for people in Tainan. On 8th of November our team organized very special event in the most famous bar in Tainan and one of the greatest in whole Taiwan, TCRC. TCRC is well known bar for all Taiwanese who like nightlife and enjoy fancy cocktails, but also TCRC is famous around the world as it’s included in Top50 bars in Asia. But it’s not all what we had for you that night.

Bring The Rocks this time brought special guests to the show!! These guys usually don’t do guests bartending, they spend their time in their lab (laboratory) to experiment with different infusions, mixes and flavours for most sophisticated clients in Taipei. They are well known for their special style cocktails. They were also included in Top50 bars in Asia, which make this event so great! Who are we talking about? R&D Cocktail Lab, great bar in Taipei run by Frenchie (Yann Gueroult) and Spencer Huang.

Frenchie prepared drinks for our guests with our Piasecki liqueurs and Meads. The whole event was separated in two parts. I part was dedicated for bartenders in Tainan who were able to see and experience our cocktails and bartending style of R&D. During this event Yi-hsiang Huang from TCRC presented his own great cocktail with Piasacki brand and also our friend Shua Po, Paul from Hotel Rich Bar put some effort to show his own style. BTW, great cookie Paul! ;). II Part of our event was dedicated for TCRC customers who could experience Taipei style bartending as Frenchie was in charge of TCRC bar that night. Check the picture of the menu to see what was available that night. If you missed the event don’t worry, you can always ask the bartenders in TCRC or in R&D if you’re in Taipei for these drinks to try. They will serve it to you with pleasure!!

Please see the video, how great night we had and don’t forget to follow us on facebook as we will have more such events!

Cheers, Salut, Na zdrowie, 乾杯!!

Bring The Rocks Team