Linden Honey

Honey with distinct aroma of linden flowers, spicy flavour, slightly bitter. Before crystallization takes on a greenish-yellow colour to pale amber. It is characterized by dense texture, which after crystallization becomes fine-grained. This honey is also used as an ingredient in our Mead products.

Properties: Linden honey is proven antifebrile, expectorant, tranquilizing and antispasmodic remedy. It is also used in treating the common cold, strep throat, sinusitis and bronchitis.

Mazurskie Miody as one of the biggest producer and distributor of Honey in Poland. Their priority is the quality of honey that they serve to customers. All honeys are tested in their proprietary laboratory by Ewa Urbanska (the head of laboratory department) for physicochemical and organoleptic analysis and one of the most important analysis that tries to detect if antibiotics were used as it is not allowed by company standards to use any antibiotics for their honeys. Learn more about our quality standards in our video.

lipa wlasciwosci zdrowotne i lecznicze oraz kosmetyczne