In National Contests of Honey and Wine Products organized by the National Wine and Mead Council (competitions are held under the auspices of the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and are included in the list of official competitions of the European Union) meads from Mazurskie Miody met with approval from the experts sitting in the competition jury and won the following medals and awards:

  • in the year 2008 

silver medal for “Dwójniak Warmiński

  • in the year 2009

bronze medal for “Dwójniak Warmiński


bronze medal for “Półtorak Piasecki”

  • in the year 2010

bronze medal for “Półtorak Rodowy”


silver medal for “Trójniak Mazurski”


gold medal for „Półtorak Piasecki”


gold medal for Dwójniak Grunwald

At the International Fair of Food Products POLAGRA-FOOD 2010 the mead ”Półtorak Piasecki” won the Gold Medal of Poznan International Fair.

Mazurskie Miody takes part in national mead contests organized by the Great Confraternity of Respectable Eatables, Drinks and Handcraftsmanship, where it earns the highest ratings:

  •  in the year 2011:
    • silver medal for “Dwójniak Warmiński"
    • bronze medal for “Półtorak Piasecki”.
  •  in the year 2012:

In the most prestigious and largest international competition in the world dedicated solely to mead THE MAZER CUP International, held in the USA, Mazurskie Miody won the following medals:

  •  in the year 2011:

bronze medal for “Półtorak Piasecki”

  •  in the year 2012:

gold medal for “Półtorak Rodowy”


silver medal for “Trójniak Kresowy”