Mazurskie Miody

Siedziba firmy w Tomaszkowie

For years we have been involved in the processing of bee honey and producing exceptional honey-based liquors. Our Mead, Honey Liquors and Okowita are above all unique recipes and a result of combining the highest quality raw materials used to produce them.

The cornerstone of the company Mazurskie Miody must be the first apiary founded in 1964 by Witold Bogdan Piasecki, a man fascinated by beekeeping, who indulging in his passion and at the same time preserving a family tradition, had been exploring the mysteries behind the formation of sweet nectar for many years. Enthusiasm born while exploring new possibilities of using honey resulted in establishing the plant in Olsztyn, where originally bee honey was collected. In January 2002, Mazurskie Miody became entitled to use the Quality Certificate ISO 9001 - as the first Polish company dealing with the confection of honey.

Since 2006, the company has been a member of the European Network of Regional Culinary Heritage, as one of the first companies in Poland .

In 2006, Mazurskie Miody gained extraordinary opportunity to create unique, innovative products respected by a wide and growing range of customers after building a new facility with an area of ​​4,000 m². Both the headquarters and manufacturing facility, in which delicacies are created, are located in the village of Tomaszkowo near Olsztyn, in the WarPiasecki Mazurskie Miody2mia and Mazury region.

Our rich offer embrase, inter alia,  full range of Traditional insatiated Meads (meads that are not heat treated) - from quadruple, triple and double to one-and-a-half meads – as well as “strong” honey liquors, based on traditional recipes found in old family archives.

In 2011, Bogdan Piasecki, along with company’s process engineer Janusz Luty decided to remind consumers, not only in Poland, about the product with at least five hundred year old tradition, called in Latin - aqua vitae, the Polish spirit. Two delicious drinks appeared - initially as ideas and then in reality :  Okowita Miodowa Mazurska with an alcohol content of 45% and Okowita Miodowa Warmińska with an alcohol content of 42%.

The quality and uniqueness of Mazurskie Miody products have been confirmed by numerous prestigious awards and prizes – which proves to  be a recognition not only from experts, but most of all - consumers -  both in Poland and abroad.