Vermouth Institute of Turin

With enormous pride, we are part of the founding members of the Vermouth Institute of Turin. The Vermouth of Turin, “Is the aromatized wine deriving from one or more Italian wines and made in Piedmont, added of alcohol, primarily flavoured by Artemisia together with some other herbs

and spices“. The production is exclusive in the Piedmont’s territory, with an alcoholic strength ranging from 16% Vol. to 22% Vol., the main raw material must be the Artemisia absinthium, grown or harvested in Piedmont, and moreover, as a sweetener, you can use only sugar, grape must, caramelized sugar or honey.

The superior Vermouth with an alcoholic strength of not less than 17% Vol., is composed by wines produced in Piedmont equal to at least 50% and flavored, even if not exclusively, with herbs grown or harvested in Piedmont.