Turin Vermouth

Founder of Turin Vermouth – Giovanni Negro

Since his childhood, Giovanni Negro, our founder, has historically linked to wine and to liqueurs working traditions. As the years go by, he has accumulated a precious baggage, deepening his knowledge in botany.

After years of studies, through ancient manuals research about Turin tradition, he started producing small quantities of Vermouth and liqueurs. Once refined the recipe and encouraged from the growing friends’ and relatives’ demand, Giovanni Negro decided to transform his dream into reality.

So Turin Vermouth takes origin, with the desire to bring ancient flavors through time, as well as the ancient typical work of Piedmont factories where the roots of Vermouth took origins in the distant 1786.

Vermouth was considered a medical drink, excellent for digestive problems, thanks to the presence of its bitter ingredients (Artemisia). We must pay tribute to the city of Turin in Piedmont (Italy) which has made vermouth an important drink used in cocktails and as aperitifs and digestives all over the world.

Vermouth Drapò takes origin from an ancient traditional Turin recipe, handed down from generation to generation.

The production is carried out within Turin Vermouth in Turin and it still reflects the ancient production process.

The Artemisia Absinthium (bitter plant) or Absinthe is at the base of Vermouth. We use more than 20 botanicals including:

| Citrus fruits - Bitter Orange, Sweet Orange

| Barks - Cascarilla, Quassia Amara

| Herbs - Artemisia, Blessed Thistle, Coriander, Marjoram, Clary Sage

| Roots - Angelica, Gentiana, Rhubarb

| Spices - Star Anise, Cinnamon, Cloves, Nutmeg

These precious botanicals are put into an innovative machinery called “Naviglio Extractor”. Through cold maceration, in a hydroalcoholic solution, we obtain a concentrated extract of excellent quality, to which white wine, alcohol, water and sugar are added. After a rigorous filtering process, the Vermouth is resting inside stainless steel tanks for a few weeks before being bottled.